We increase the winnings on bets with the help of mathematics

Any sports fan can colorfully and for a long time describe the emotions that take hold of him when his favorite team or athlete wins. But a person who not only supports his idols, but also bets on sports, repeatedly increases for himself, the entire emotional component of such an event. And the rank of the event is not important here. It can be either a second league game or the final match of a prestigious cup. Sports betting allows you to feel like not only a spectator, but also to experience the joy of victory yourself, in case of a winning bet.

Professional players

Many experienced players have been using bookmakers for a long time, for a stable and often high income. Approaching this type of earnings with a serious mathematical strategy, you can provide yourself with a good financial cushion that casino games cannot afford, where a random number generator rules everything.

If the number 52.4% guarantees you break-even, then the mark of 53% begins to make a profit that can satisfy your financial needs. For a more detailed consideration of this issue, we will expand the time and monetary range of actions. We will invest $10,000 for 4 months of the NFL football season. The allocated amount includes the probability of wins and losses for the period of all four months.

We will place bets on 160 games, excluding breaks. That is, constantly for 4 months. The target percentage of winnings to generate income should be 55%, plus or minus 1%. It follows from this that there should be 88 or more victories, and 72 or less defeats. Such statistics work only with a mathematical approach.

For each planned game, we place bets in the amount of $ 460, or focusing on the total amount of investment (in the event that you decide to invest less than $ 10,000). A competent approach to betting will bring an income of $ 4,048. And this is pure money. Which bank can guarantee such profitability in 4 months? That’s right — no. That is, by investing 10,000, you end up with $14,048 in your account.

But, all this is possible only if you choose correctly what to bet on. Do not forget to analyze the upcoming match and consult with people experienced in this field. Each bet must have a foundation of serious calculation.

Do not forget about the variance (a measure of the deviation of the declared value from its predicted expectation). An experienced bettor always attaches more importance to it than an ordinary player. As a result, he wins more and more often. If it is difficult for you to calculate the bets yourself, then at the moment there are many programs that do it for you. The disadvantage of such software is not the ability to take into account the human factor when analyzing an event. In this regard, they are not so in demand among professional betters and are used mainly by beginners.

Important note! Experienced players in bookmakers are able to determine even the slightest advantage in a bet that can bring benefits. Taking an example from them, try to find all possible advantages and weaknesses in the betting line.

All professional players, first of all, are good mathematicians who read the statistics of previous meetings, the selected team well, and based on this, predict the result of the upcoming game with maximum accuracy.

What to do with statistics? There is no need to take information about the matches of the team from the day of its formation. For deep statistics, data for the last 10 years are used, for superficial ones, the last 10 meetings at home and away are taken. Everything is being studied. The effectiveness of the game at home and away. The number of points scored and moments realized. Removing players. Injuries that can affect the course of the game. Motivation of the team to win (an important factor). All this refers to the manual analysis of coefficients, which is used by all experienced bettors.

Technical analysis is performed by the program and mainly looks for weaknesses in the line with good coffs. But until she finds a favorable bid, the situation may radically change. After all, bookmakers are not amateurs either, they sit and quickly find mistakes, and accordingly change the coefficients in the lines. Therefore, while you are going to place a bet, the line may already change. Taking this into account, professional players conduct their own analysis and, according to it, develop their betting strategy for the future event.

If you have paid attention, then experienced players always have a notebook or notebook where all calculations are displayed. They need it not only to make calculations quickly. You will need it after the match to analyze your mistakes or find good moments in the strategy.

Well, in principle, any break-even result can be considered a record. If you bet on 16 NFL games in a row and you got this result – 9 wins and 7 losses, then what’s wrong with it. Firstly, you have won and are in the black. And, secondly, it is always nice to take the money earned from the bookmaker. Before making a bet, analyze and think. This is the only way you can turn entertainment into additional income.