How to bet on football correctly

Football is the most popular sports discipline in any bookmaker. Traditionally, football betting has the widest painting, which often surpasses all other sports combined. Many players, especially beginners, consider themselves football experts and think that they can win regularly only because they understand the most popular ball game at the amateur level. But if that were the case, most bookmakers would probably go bankrupt, because they accept a huge number of football bets every day. We will tell you how to bet on football correctly in our article.

What you can bet on in football

As we have already said, for football, any bookmaker offers the widest painting, so players have a lot to choose from. It is not advisable to bet on all outcomes, so we will talk only about the most popular ones.

Bets on the main outcome

This is the most common type of betting, which involves many options. It can be a banal bet on the victory of one of the teams, on a draw, on the absence of a draw, and even on a strong-willed victory. In the first case, everything is clear: the player bets that one or another team will win in the main time. In the second case, he risks more and bets on a draw, the coefficients for this event go from 3 and higher, because draws in football are less common than a victory of one of the teams. The next bet is on the absence of a draw, indicated in line 12 and means that the bet will pass if either side wins, the odds for this are low. Bets on a strong-willed victory are not accepted by all bookmakers, and this concept means that the team that was inferior in the score at a certain period of the match wins the match.

Bets on total

This is another common type of betting, which is based on the number of goals scored in a match. The total can be individual (for goals scored by one team) and team (for the total number of goals in a match). An even rarer option is a personal total per player. The odds for the latter are the highest, but the chances that it will pass are much lower.

Odds betting

Such bets are relevant in games between favorites and outsiders. A bet on the favorite’s victory is meaningless because the coefficient is too low, and in this case the bettor can bet on his victory with a handicap, that is, with an advantage of several goals. Bookmakers offer a minus handicap for a stronger team, plus for a weaker one.

Bets on the exact account

Such bets are no longer as popular as those described above, but many players still bet on the exact score. Of course, high coefficients are captivating. However, the chances that the match will end with exactly the score that the player bet on are low.

Bets on other outcomes

Since major bookmakers can offer several hundred different outcomes in football, we cannot list each of them. If we briefly mention the most popular of them, then these are bets on specific halves, on yellow and red cards, on corners, on possession of the ball, on outs, and even on what will be the first to spread the ball from the center of the field.

Advantages of football betting

Betting on football has many advantages, which I would like to tell all fans of betting.

High coefficients

Due to the high competition, bookmakers are reducing their margins for football matches. If we compare even with such popular sports as tennis or basketball, in most cases the coefficients for football will be 5-7 points higher. And for top leagues and tournaments, the bookmaker’s margin is only 2-4% at all.

A large number of events in the line

Sport number one is represented in the line of any bookmaker better than the rest. Bookmakers cover not only the average popular championships, but even such little-known leagues as, for example, the Syrian Championship or the second division of the South Korean championship. Any other sports disciplines can only dream about this. The same applies to painting: there are no more such a huge number of outcomes for any other sport.

A huge amount of information

Football news is widely covered on all kinds of sports portals, and it is not even necessary to read foreign sources, everything is translated into Russian in the shortest possible time and appears on thematic sites. Analyzing football matches is much easier than even hockey or basketball matches. There is no need to talk about video broadcasts: on the Internet you can find the broadcast of the vast majority of matches, and almost all games are usually shown on the websites of bookmakers.

Large maxima

Since this is the most popular sports discipline, which is covered better than all the others, you can bet much larger amounts on football than on any other sport. Even bookmakers accept serious bets on average popular championships, and hundreds of thousands of dollars can be placed on top tournaments if desired.

Disadvantages of football betting

Let’s say right away: betting on football has more pluses than minuses, but the latter still need to be said, because they are there.

Very few forks and shafts

The first negative smoothly follows from the high popularity of football. Remember, we said that there is a lot of information on this sport, so it’s not difficult to analyze matches? – All this is true, but the flip side of the coin is that it is also much easier for analysts in bookmakers to analyze football matches than, for example, volleyball. For this reason, inflated coefficients for the prematch are rare, and if they come across, they are corrected quickly. The situation is similar with forks.

Quick reaction to «shoals»

In short, we have already mentioned this in the description of the previous minus: analysts in bookmakers, in principle, rarely make mistakes, but even when this happens, they quickly correct the shortcomings, so it is rare to catch them on this.

The presence of a draw result

For example, there are no draws in tennis and volleyball, they are rare in hockey and basketball, but not so rare in football. Because of this, a simple bet on the team’s victory becomes more risky, which forces the player to either reinsure himself with a zero handicap or a double outcome, and this reduces the odds.